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Most powerful marketing is a positive review!

EndorseMe grabs it and takes it to another level. Multimedia level.

What is EndorseMe?

Forget about time-consuming, complex and expensive process of collecting testimonials. With EndorseMe you can do everything from one place.


Testimonials made simple. EndorseMe app makes it easy to capture photo, audio or video testimonials and share it with the world. Upload it to your website and share it on social media directly from your phone.

EndorseMe app
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Real-time recording

Show them what you do. You and your employees are able to record videos while you work and share it to social media. Show your potential clients what you do and how you do it. Gain their trust even before they meet you.


Let everybody know you’re the best. EndorseMe lets you send your clients’ reviews everywhere with only one click. You can send it directly to your website and share it through social media channels without having to leave your EndorseMe app at all.

Location Tracking

Know where your caregivers are. With EndorseMe clients and employers can track the real time location of a specific caregiver during their working hours.

Location Tracking

Automated Reminders

Never forget to collect a testimonial. Caregivers will receive a predefined notification reminding them to collect the testimonial when they arrive at the location or when they’re about to leave.

Automated Reminders

Instant Messaging

Exchange information. Chat with caregivers, notify them about urgent issues or important notifications. You can attach audio, photo or video and share it among the authorized users of the app.

Instant Messaging

Take the initiative

Clients will not always remember that they should leave a positive review. EndoreseMe gives you or your employees the opportunity to take the initiative and ask clients to give them their honest opinion and record everything with their phone.

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Unlike any other similar app, EndorseMe guides app users through the process of collecting and publishing the endorsements with its simple and intuitive interface. No more waiting for clients to take the initiative.

GeoTracking and GeoFencing technology enables you to make sure that every caregiver is exactly where & when it should be. When a caregiver leaves predefined client’s location, system is triggered and pushes a notification to their mobile device reminding them to collect a testimonial from the client.



Set predefined reminders triggered by leaving or arriving at location.


Track employees’ hours with the client and in transit through GPS in real time.


Clients or clients’ families are also able to track their assigned caregiver in real time in order to know where they are and to keep track of history of visits.



See all check-ins of every caregiver in order to keep track of their behavior.


Monitor real time location of all your employees.



Caregivers can collect raw material from your clients in video, audio or image form easily.


Employees can edit raw material directly in the app or forward it to EndorseMe pros for a small fee.


Once satisfied with the result testimonials get distributed to multiple channels automatically straight from the app.



Chat with a closed group of employees and share important information safely and easily.


More private issues need to be addressed? Not a problem, EndorseMe has an option for that as well.


EndorseMe is FREE for UJATCare members. Ditch all unnecessary expenses and get control of your business.

How does the EndorseMe App Work?

EndorseMe icon
EndorseMe icon

Access your UJAT Care account and download the app.

Invite all your employees to download the app.

The app guides user through the collecting process step by step.

Once the process is finished, recordings get automatically to your UJAT Care company.

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Now you can edit the recording yourself with EndorseMe app or leave that to UJAT Care professionals for a small fee.


Finally, when you are satisfied with the result you can choose where you want your testimonials to be distributed.

What makes EndorseMe different?

EndorseMe gives you a whole different approach to collecting testimonials. The most powerful marketing are recommendations of satisfied clients and with EndorseMe they are more accessible than ever.

Get Your Business back in Your hands.

EndorsMe is free for UJAT Care members.

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